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TriStar Tees was founded to create amazing t-shirts that GIVE BACK! So far, we have been able to donate 100% of proceeds, and we can not thank our fellow Volunteer fans for supporting us and allowing us the opportunity to pass it on. We believe that being a "volunteer" doesn't stop at a football game or basketball game. It continues throughout our lives and touches everyone we contact.

We donate to Because He Loves, an organization that has been working in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe since 2014. Their team consists of 8 members, one of which is a Tennessee native. Jacob Miller, born and raised in Middle Tennessee, is a huge Volunteers fan! He has been living there for the last two years and tries to watch UT games when they have internet. :)

Because He Loves operates a drop-in center for homeless, runaway, and orphaned boys living on the streets, providing counseling for addiction, emotional trauma, abuse, health and hygiene education, and work on reuniting the boys with their families when possible. They do not simply try to change their circumstances; this group works with these boys to change their minds and hearts, to offer them hope of a successful life off the streets.

Because He Loves is currently providing food on a weekly basis during the COVID-19 government shutdown in which there is much uncertainty and confusion. The government restrict how they distribute food, and their team is working tirelessly to get supplies for these boys.

If you would like to donate directly, click "Because He Loves" above, and instructions are on their website.

We commit to ALWAYS donating a minimum of 20% and will do more as long as we are blessed to. THANK YOU!